2022 Municipal budget - Message from the Mayor

Guided by the organizational plan and the Municipality’s 2019–2023 Strategic Plans and taking into account the three-year valuation roll and the economic effects of the pandemic, La Pêche’s Municipal Council has, once again, succeeded in preparing a budget that is both responsible and visionary. I would like to thank the members of Council and the entire municipal team for this rigorous budget prepared in what is still a difficult context.

Council’s approach for the year 2022 continues to come down to three key priorities:

  • Enhance the Municipality’s performance with respect to urban planning, the environment, and sustainable development
  • Improve communication, transparency, and service to citizens
  • Continue to invest in municipal infrastructure and equipment, now guided by our financial framework (a brand-new municipal tool for planning investments and limiting tax increases)

      With the economy continuing to struggle, Council lowered tax rates to limit the impact of the most recent three-year roll. In 2022, the tax account for a single-family residence with a median value of $285,200 will increase by $75 annually, broken down as follows: $52 due to the increase in property value, and $23 due to the increased rate for waste management to cover the costs of implementing organic waste collection (compostables) in May.

      Overall, compared to the regional and provincial averages provided by the Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MAMH), La Pêche maintains an excellent financial profile.

      For more details on the 2022 budget and Council’s strategies, please see the 2022 Budget Presentation, the 2022–2024 Three-Year Capital Plan, the 2019–2023 Strategic Plan, the 2021 Annual Report on Municipal Services (forthcoming), and MAMH’s Organizational Plan and 2021 Financial Profile.

      Guillaume Lamoureux, Mayor  

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