Message from the Mayor

Rober Bussière

On behalf of the La Pêche Municipal Council, I welcome you to these pages. They contain a vast array of information, intended for both our citizens and anyone else who visits our pages, whether out of interest or simple curiosity. We invite you to use this site to discover our territory, our municipal administration, our population, our history, our services and everything that makes us so unique.

La Pêche is a semi-rural municipality that fully embodies its dual identity: located close to the Ottawa-Gatineau region, it offers access to an urban world, while preserving a quality of life typical of the rural setting. It is characterized by the paradoxes of city and country, traditional and modern: you can find traditional farmers working side by side with up-and-coming farm producers, horse pulling contests and writers’ festivals, fishing celebrations and cinematographic summer camps... our municipality is a land of contrasts. And, as is often the case, these contrasts are fertile: La Pêche stands out as a result of the vitality of its community and cultural life, the creativity of its local resources, the diversity of the activities that take place within its territory and, of course, its magnificent landscapes.

We hope that you will find all the information you need on our site and we warmly invite you to come and discover us.

Robert Bussière