Members of municipal Council

The Municipal Council assumes the rights and responsibilities given to it in keeping with the Municipal Code of Québec and certain related laws (Act respecting municipal taxation, Land Use Planning and Development Act, etc.). The interests of the citizens provide the cornerstone for the decisions made by the Council, whose main responsibility is to oversee the community’s quality of life and make sure that the services offered respond to the needs. As a result, the Council may have to provide guidelines for various aspects concerning the community’s quality of life, including urban planning, economic development, community development, recreation and culture, for example. The Council makes decisions at Council meetings on issues that are submitted to it. These decisions are made by a majority of the members present, in the form of resolutions or bylaws.

The La Pêche Municipal Council has eight members, including the mayor and the elected representatives of the seven electoral wards


Guillaume Lamoureux

Municipal Councillor, Ward 1

Daniel Meunier
819 598-9496

Municipal Councillor, Ward 2

Carolane Larocque
819 209-7338

Municipal Councillor, Ward 3

Francis Beausoleil
819 360-9350

Municipal Councillor, Ward 4

Pierre LeBel
819 456-3604

Municipal Councillor, Ward 5

Pamela Ross
819 459-2372

Municipal Councillor, Ward 6

Claude Giroux
819 459-1344

Municipal Councillor, Ward 7

Richard Gervais
819 635-2608