Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: February 2021

1. What are the business hours of the Municipality’s administrative offices?

The Municipality’s offices are open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

2. When are the municipal taxes payable?

The invoices for the municipal taxes are sent out at the beginning of February. If the total amount of the tax bill is less than $300, it is payable in a single instalment. If the tax bill is for more than $300, it may be paid in three instalments or less.

The single payment or the first payment must be made at the latest the 30th day following the invoice date. The subsequent payments must be made as follows:

  • 2ndpayment: 90 days following the first installment
  • 3rd payment: 90 days following the second installment

It should be noted that, when a payment is not made on time, the entire balance of the invoice becomes payable and bears interest at 7%. Moreover, if you pay your municipal taxes on-line through your banking institution, make sure you always use the correct registration number.

3. If I want to pay my taxes by cheque who do I make the cheque payable to?

When paying municipal taxes, you must make the cheque payable to the Municipalité de La Pêche.

4. Which organization is responsible for the Municipality’s tax roll?

The organization responsible for the Municipality’s tax roll is the MRC des Collines-de-l’Ouaouais. The MRC’s coordinates are:

MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais
216 Old Chelsea
Chelsea (Québec) J9B 1J4
Tel.: 819 827-0516

5. I want to build a home in La Pêche; can you tell me what the tax roll rate is?

The tax rate for the current year is available in the Paying bills and Municipal taxes section of our website.

    6. I have just moved and I would like to know if the post office will give you my new address.

    No. The post office does not inform the Municipality about address changes. You must fill out this change of address form and send it to the Municipality by Fax at 819 456-4534 or by email at taxation@villelapeche.qc.ca.

    7. The neighbour’s dog barks all the time, who can I submit a complaint to?

    The Municipality has an agreement with the Company Anitek and you can contact them directly at 819 431-9904 for any question or problem concerning domestic animals (stray animals, etc.). The Bylaw concerning animals within the boundaries of the Municipality of La Pêche specifies the rules that apply.

    8. I want to get a dog. Do I need a licence? Where can I buy it?

    No one can keep a dog on the Municipality’s territory without first obtaining a dog licence. The licence, which is valid from January 1 to December 31, is issued by Anitek. The cost of a licence is $40 per dog. Licences can be obtained online at www.anitek.ca.

    9. I heard that the Municipality offers residents season passes for the Lac Philippe beach in Parc de la Gatineau. Where can I get a pass?

    Every year, the National Capital Commission (NCC) gives the Municipality a limited number of passes for its permanent residents. The passes are distributed at the end of the spring or the beginning of the summer (watch for the May or June issue of the Municipal bulletin for information; the date will be announced there). Passes can be obtained at the Municipality’s offices, upon presentation of a valid driver’s license with an address in La Pêche (N.B.: one single pass per residence).

    Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions concerning the municipality.