Recreation, culture and community living policies

The Municipality adopts policies that provide guidelines for its development and a framework for its practices. The recreation, culture and community living policies are intended to promote the harmonious development of recreational, cultural and community life in La Pêche. The Seniors’ Policy is one such policy. The Municipality is also concerned about offering support to community organizations and this is achieved through the Municipality’s Financial Support Policy and the Sponsorship Policy (Community Partnership).

Recreation, Culture and Community Living Policy

It was by respecting the reality that is common to the entire municipality and the one specific to each of its villages that the Recreation, Culture and Community Living Policy was developed. In fact, each village has its own history and traditions that make it unique, but all our villages have commonalities when it comes to recreation, culture and community living. Vitality, independence and the willingness to take charge have always been present. In that respect, the Municipality's role is to support that driving force and help it to blossom.

Senior's Policy

In 2015, the Municipality of La Pêche adopted a seniors’ policy that provides a framework for offering a living environment that is favourable to seniors. This policy is part of the MADA (Municipalité amie des aînés) initiative which is intended to help the municipalities and MRCs encourage the active participation of seniors in their communities and to bring the vision of an inclusive society for all ages to fruition. The policy adopted specified intervention priorities and includes an action plan that can be renewed every three years.

Financial Support Policy

The financial support provided by the Municipality is intended, among other things, to help organizations carry out activities, for example supporting the presentation of a large-scale activity, project or specific activities. The organizations that want to obtain financial support must complete the form and return it to the Municipality’s RCCL department before October 15 of the current year by email to loisirs@villelapeche.qc.ca, or by mail or in person at the following address:

Services des Loisirs, de la Culture et de la Vie communautaire
Municipalité de La Pêche
1, rue Principale Ouest
La Pêche (Québec) J0X 2W0

It takes two months to evaluate the applications. Applications received after the deadline will be handled individually, depending on the availability of funds. Every year, at the beginning of September, the RCCL department sends a reminder about the submission of applications to the recognized organizations.

Family Policy

The Municipal Family Policy, first adopted in 2008, underwent a major update in 2019. This revised policy represents an essential reference tool for the municipal organization as well as for the council members, as it is intended to guide their decisions and actions in supporting families and improving their quality of life. The revised Family Policy and Action Plan reflect both the desired directions, aspirations and needs expressed by citizens, and the recommendations of key community stakeholders who work closely with families.