Community Support Department


The mission of the Municipality's Community Support Department is to ensure the development of communities and the improvement of their quality of life. It fosters a sense of belonging, supporting individuals, organizations and initiatives in the community. More specifically, the department supports the dynamism of the community by ensuring close liaison with citizens and organizations, and by accompanying them in their projects. In this way, it plays the role of a "proud partner" who is committed to the well-being of the community.

The Community Support Department has a financial support policy that allows it to provide financial support to organizations. It also participates in or oversees the development of policies that promote the inclusion and social participation of all citizens, such as the seniors' policy.

Guiding Principles

The Municipality of La Pêche is committed to supporting the organizations present on its territory in order to contribute to their vitality and sustainability. It supports organizations and activities that convey an image and values with which it wants to be associated. While supporting all eligible organizations, it places particular importance on activities that target youth (children and adolescents), seniors, vulnerable clients and families, as well as intergenerational activities. It promotes inclusiveness and diversity. It promotes responsible financing, which takes into account the principles of sustainable development and the inseparable nature of the environmental, social and economic dimensions of activities.