Waste and Recycling

In 2022, waste collection at La Pêche is being enhanced to better meet the needs of citizens and protect the environment. New services will be added while others will be reorganized. These changes will require some adaptation and new sorting habits.

As of February 28, a new contractor will oversee waste collection in La Pêche. Therefore, any situation related to the service must be submitted to the Municipality through its Citizen Service Department. Submit your request by one of these means and get a tracking number:

Domestic waste, recycling, and oversize items will be collected by the Municipality between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday for the whole region.

Bins must be placed curbside on waste collection day. Bins may be set out at 8 p.m. the day before waste collection day at the earliest and must be removed, at the latest, 12 hours after this day.

Domestic waste includes all waste material that is not recyclable, not recoverable, and not dangerous; that will be either disposed of in a waste landfill facility or incinerated; and that is in compliance with the By-Law respecting the landfilling and incineration of residual materials (chapter Q-2, r. 6.02) of the Québec government’s Environment Quality Act.

Domestic waste must be placed in a wheeled (preferably) green bin at the owner’s expense as set out in the by-law on setting rates for goods, services, equipment, and certain requests.

Total average amounts must not exceed 80 kg (176 lb.) of waste per week per residential unit. Contents of a wheeled bin must not exceed 100 kg.


  • Collection frequency: from now on, only every two weeks, even during the summer
  • Only materials placed in the bins will be accepted;

Recycling includes all glass containers, plastic, steel, types of paper, boxes, and other items accepted by the materials recovery facility.

Recycling must be placed in a wheeled blue bin provided by the Municipality at the owner’s expense as set out in the by-law on setting rates for goods, services, equipment, and certain requests.

Contents of a wheeled bin must not exceed 100 kg. There is no maximum amount of recycling that can be picked up.

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See section about composting


There will be no pickup in March. Starting in April, collection will be only once a month, with the first household waste collection of the month.

Oversize items include, but are not limited to:

• Household appliances:
stoves (electric or gas), washtubs, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, household electric or gas (propane, natural gas, etc.) devices, ovens, and similar appliances

• Other types of oversize items:
o Beds, couches, box springs, and mattresses, furniture, small rugs
o Doors (no glass), metal shavings

• The following materials will not be accepted:
° Halocarbon-containing refrigeration or air conditioning units – instead, they must be brought to the MRC des Collines waste transfer station
° Construction, renovation, and demolition waste
° Hazardous household waste

All occupants who wish to dispose of hazardous household waste (HHW) and hazardous substances should put any substances in clearly marked containers and set them out for garbage or recycling pickup on dates set aside for this by the Municipality at the start of the year, in compliance with applicable provincial and federal laws.

A centralized collection drive will be held in the spring and fall.

Next collection : in fall, date to confirm

The ecocentre at 28 Chemin de La Pêche in Val-des-Monts, Québec accepts certain types of household hazardous waste (HHW) and hazardous substances and rejects others. Both types are listed below. These lists are set by MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais and may change at any time. It is each resident’s responsibility to check with the Municipality regarding what waste items are accepted and proper procedures to prepare them for pickup.

HHW accepted: 

• Acids
• Aerosols
• Bases
• Car, alkaline, and rechargeable batteries
• Propane cylinders
• Fuel
• Ink cartridges
• Fluorescent and compact fluorescent bulbs
• Oils and lubricants
• Medication
• Oxidizing agents
• Paint
• Pesticides
• Tires WITHOUT the rims
• Swimming pool chemical products
• Reagents
• E-waste (computers, screens, printers, mobile phones, etc.)
• Solvents • Medication
• Refrigerating appliances

HHW not accepted: 

• Arms and ammunition
• Cylinders of compressed gas
• PCBs
• Medical waste (articles 1 and 2 of the By-Law respecting biomedical waste)
• Domestic waste
• Radioactive waste
• Explosives and dynamite
• Compostable material
• Commercial or industrial waste
• Oversized tires (tractors, heavy machinery, etc.)
• Tires on rims
• Construction material
• Unknown products or damaged packaging • Pool items (liner, piping, etc.)

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    All occupants who dispose of construction or demolition materials must take them at their own expense to a legally authorized landfill site.

    Typical construction and demolition waste:

    • lumber and wood used in finishes
    • windows, including the frame and the windowpane
    • doors, including frames, panes of glass, hinges, and handles
    • mortar, pieces of cement, stone, and brick
    • any type of insulation
    • any type of vapour barrier
    • roofing materials (asphalt shingles, metal shingles, other)
    • steel or aluminum construction studs
    • wardrobes and walls
    • carpets and floor coverings.

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    Electrical devices: televisions, DVD players and other TV accessories, computers, radios, and similar devices must be brought to an ARPE Quebec location.

    Where can I recycle my old electronics?

    Maison Le Ricochet (9, Chemin de la Beurrerie) is a depot point forARPE Québec

    Occupants must acquire a wheeled waste bin at their own expense, as well as a trash bin. These wheeled bins must be green and have a maximum capacity of 360 litres. Blue recycling bins painted to be used as domestic waste bins will not be accepted. Domestic waste must be placed in bags before being placed in a wheeled bin.

    Wheeled bins, containers, storage sheds, and oversized items must be kept on the property and set out curbside as stated in article 11.7, except in specific cases as determined by the Public Works Department.

    Wheeled bins, containers, storage sheds, and oversized items must be placed so as to not block traffic and to facilitate pickup.

    Wheeled bins, containers, storage sheds, and oversized items must not obstruct snow clearing. Building occupants are responsible for maintaining and clearing snow from them.

    Wheeled bins, containers, storage sheds, and oversized items must not be accessible to feral animals that may empty them or scatter their contents.

    The Municipality of La Pêche reminds the public that by-laws 16-718 and 17-752 made mandatory the use of green wheeled bins of 240 or 360 litres for domestic garbage collection starting June 1st, 2017.
    Note that if you do not comply with this rule, your garbage will not be collected.

    In order to facilitate waste collection and avoid damage to your bins, or to prevent waste from ending up on the roadway, citizens are invited to place their bins as shown in the image below. Thank you for your cooperation.


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    Waste Master Plan - MRC
    The MRC des Collines-de-l'Outaouais has adopted on January 19, 2017, by-law 241-16, "Plan de gestion des matières résiduelles" (PGMR) révisé". This plan was approved by the ministère du Développement durable, de l'Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques.