Road Work

*** You can see Resolution 18-646 adopted at the December 17, 2018, regular meeting of the council on 2019 road work planning. ***


Ongoing and coming roads works

  • Chemin Pritchard: closed during the day from Monday to Friday, between civic number 160 and Route 105, starting Wednesday, October 9, for about two weeks. It will remain open to traffic in the evenings from 5 p.m. and on weekends.

  • Chemin Gauvin:maintenance work on Friday 13 and Monday 16 September, on the section between the first curve and civic number 112. Traffic will alternate.
  • Chemin McCranck:

    due to blasting work, the road will be completely closed to traffic between 365 Chemin McCrank to Chemin Bélanger, from Friday, September 20 to Tuesday, September 24. The reopening is scheduled for Tuesday, September 24 at the end of the day. .
  • Chemin Kennedy:

    Culvert, resurfacing, and ditch work starting August 19, for 6 weeks. The road will be closed between 483 and 383 chemin Kennedy (local traffic only) and reopened in the evening and on weekends.
  • Chemin Maclaren: resurfacing and paving work is completed; marking work upcoming.
  • Chemin des Érables:The asphalting work is completed from the DJL sandpit to 916 des Érables; marking work upcoming.
  • Chemin Beurrerie : Paving work completed; marking work upcoming.
  • Chemin de la Batteuse : road elevation completed; paving upcoming.
  • Chemin Mahon Sud : Culvert, ditch, resurfacing, and paving work is completed; marking work upcoming.
  • Chemin Mahon Nord : Culvert replacement, resurfacing, and paving work is completed; marking work upcoming.
  • Chemin Riverside: several sections:
    - Between Chemin Burnside and Chemin Sully: sidewalk and pavement reconstruction work from October 9 to 28; traffic will alternate.
    - Between Chemin Burnside and Chemin de l'École: breaking rock work from October 3 to 9; traffic will alternate with traffic lights.

    Ongoing work by the Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ) 

          • Chemin Eardley : repair work of chemin Eardley, between chemin Bradley in Pontiac and chemin Sincennes, in La Pêche. For more information, please see the MTQ release(in French).
          • Chemin du Moulin :  maintenance work on the bridge between chemin Martineau and Route 366.For more information, please see the MTQ notice (in French).

            Completed works

            • Chemin Kallala : Work done on the section between Chemin du Lac-Bernard and Chemin de la Ferme-Malone. Road opening on July 31.
            • Chemin River : Chemin River was closed during a few weeks due to the collapsed culvert located between Chemin des Érables and Route 105. Works are completed and the road has opened on July 31.
            • Chemin de la Prairie :Off-road work completed on the culvert next to the intersection of Chemin de la Prairie and Chemin du Lac-Philippe.
            • Chemin Kallala : From the beginning of the road to civic number 46, from August 5 to 19 (culverts and ditches).
            • Chemin Riverside  (near public washrooms): Culvert replacement during the week of August 05.
            • Chemin Bernier : Rock breaking, resurfacing, and paving work, starting August 19.
            • Chemin Riverside and Chemin de la Vallée-de-Wakefield:Minor sidewalk and asphalt pavement reconstruction work.

                Last update : October 11, 2019