Road Maintenance

Municipal roads are identified with green signs. The municipality is responsible of the maintenance of those roads and can adopte by-law concerning access, circulation, safety, use, excavation, construction or easement...  For question concerning the municipal road, you can communicate with the Public works department.

Private roads are identied with red signs. The maintenance is at the charge of the owner or owners.

Provincial roads, highways are the responsibility of the goverment, particulary the ministère des Transports, de la Mobilité durable et de l’Électrification des transports du Québec. , route 105, highway 5, chemin d'Eardley, chemin Lionel-Beausoleil, Route 366, chemin Edelweiss (366), chemin Pontbriand (366), route Principale Ouest (366), chemin de Sainte-Cécile de Masham (366).

  • For ongoing work, please see the section Road work.

Each year the Public Works Department carries out maintenance work on numerous municipal infrastructures, either by municipal employees or contractors. Basically, public works carried out over the course of this summer will include clearing ditches, replacing old culverts, asphalt coating and paving certain municipal roads. Signs will be installed to provide notice of potential hazards and useful information to road users. We are calling upon your consideration during this work period which will enable us to improve our road network. Slow down, for your own safety and the road workers’ safety. Let’s all be cautious!

Anyone interested in obtaining some fill must first sign a form to this effect. The form is also available at the municipal office. If you have filled out a form, we will contact you prior to any road works in your area.

The council adopted in 2015, by-law 15-690 concerning the maintenance to private road in order to determine the conditions and terms of payment. However, criteria must be met.

The municipality has also adopted, in 2012, a procedure of municipalisation of private road, See the Procedure of municipalization of a private road