Door-to-Door Collection of compostable Matter
Collecting together!

Management of compostable waste is the number one priority in the MRC’s revised 2017 Residual Materials Management Plan (RMMP).

Like Chelsea, Cantley, and many other municipalities in Quebec, La Pêche has committed to collecting organic waste door-to-door. It compared it to the backyard composting residents already engage in and has decided to join the Collecting together (Ensemble on composte) movement in May2022!

For greater efficiencies, all organic waste will be processed in Vallée-de-la-Gatineau RCM.

Why brown bins in La Pêche? 

  • To reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • To turn organic waste into rich compost to feed the soil.
  • To reduce waste that ends up in landfills and thereby increase their lifespan.
  • To participate in collecting organic waste and thus reach the objectives that Quebec has set.

Reception of bins 

You will receive your bins at home with everything you need to prepare for your first pickup. The exact date of this new service will be announced soon on all our communication platforms. Stay tuned!

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Coming soon

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