Municipal Taxes

That property tax rates for the financial year 2023 be set as follows:

$ 0,6202 per hundred dollars of assessment for the residual category;

$ 0,8969 per hundred dollars of assessment for immovable in the non-residential category;

$ 0,6410 per hundred dollars of assessment for buildings containing six housing units or more.

$ 0,6101 per hundred dollars of assessment for register agricultural exploitation

$ 0,9975 per hundred dollars of assessment for immovable in the industrial category

$ 0,6101 per hundred dollars of assessment for forestry category

To those taxes must be add the recreation and garbage pick up taxes (by-law 23-840 modified by the 23-841 in French).


Municipal taxes must be paid in one instalment. However, if in an account the total amount of taxes due is equal or more than three hundred dollars ($ 300), the taxes may be paid, at the option of the debtor, in a single payment or in three equal instalments.

The due date for the single payment or fist instalment on the municipal property taxes is the thirtieth day following the date of the invoice. Subsequent instalments must be made as follows:

  • 1st instalment: March 28;
  • 2nd instalment: June 28;
  • 3rd instalment: September 28;

From the time taxes are due, the unpaid balance bears interest at the annual rate of seven percent (7 %). If you pay you municipal taxes online, verify that you are use the right role number

It is possible to pay municipal tax bills and other bills sent to you by the Municipality in person at the Municipal offices or by mail, as well as at an automatic teller machine or by using the telephone or electronic banking services of the following financial institutions.

Make sure to indicate the reference number for which you make a payment. For example, for municipal taxes, you should indicate the registration number.

For any questions regarding taxes, please call 819 456-2161, ext. 2201.

To sign up for preauthorized payments, please complete and submit the form below: