Municipal Events

The Municipality periodically organizes events that will be posted on this page. These events stimulate community life and are intended to develop bonds with the community and within the community, as well as to honour the vitality of our citizens and organizations. Two examples are the volunteer recognition event, Honouring our Volunteers La Pêche, and the Community Organization and Volunteer Fair.

Honouring our Volunteers La Pêche: Highlighting the exceptional contribution of the La Pêche volunteers

Did you know that... La Pêche has always been able to count on the volunteer contributions made by a large number of citizens who are active in many fields? In fact, our municipality is outstanding in this respect and this is a great wealth for La Pêche. We insist on honouring and thanking these volunteers, some of whom have been active for years and years. Honouring our Volunteers La Pêche gives us an opportunity to do this.

Community Organization and Volunteer Fair: Developing bonds among organizations and between organizations and citizens

La Pêche is proud of its organizations and volunteers and strives to support them. The Community Organization and Volunteer Fair gives organizations an opportunity to meet, discuss and get to know one another. It also serves to highlight the activities that take place throughout the territory. For citizens, this is a great and unique occasion to see everything that goes on in La Pêche and, possibly, identify opportunities to do volunteer work. Everyone is welcome: organizations, volunteers, citizens of all ages and new residents looking for volunteer activities or opportunities.