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Ice boom removal on Gatineau River: residents asked to exercise caution
July 19, 2022

Hydro-Québec is asking residents to be extra cautious this week as it removes an ice boom upstream of Chelsea generating station.

The boom is located in the Wakefield area of the municipality of La Pêche. As it is removed, debris (branches, small objects, etc.) could drift downstream for some 20 kilometres to Chelsea generating station.

Hydro-Québec underscores the danger of engaging in recreational activities on bodies of water near hydroelectric facilities. Paying attention to the signs and protective structures installed in these areas is crucial to everyone’s safety.

For information:  http://news.hydroquebec.com/en/press-releases/1853/ice-boom-removal-on-riviere-gatineau-residents-asked-to-exercise-caution/