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Message from Hydro-Québec to Gatineau River Shoreline Residents
June 17, 2022

Over the last few days, Hydro-Québec has raised the water level in the Rivière Gatineau upstream of the Chelsea generating station.

On June 16, at 6 a.m., the water level upstream of the generating station was 96.88 metres.

Barring any unexpected events, we should be able to maintain a water level of about 97 metres for the rest of the summer so that we can continue refurbishment work at the generating station. We do not expect to lower the water level again until the fall.

For reference, the summer water level upstream of Chelsea generating station is usually between 97.2 and 97.4 metres.

Online tool

You can consult the water level of the river, thanks to Hydro-Québec's online tool (data is updated twice a day).


For information and questions, please contact Hydro-Québec by calling the Info-Project line at 1 800 465-1521, ext. 6022.