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NOTICE - Tree cutting on the territory by Hydro Quebec
June 16, 2022

Hydro Quebec has identified trees that pose an imminent risk and a danger to public safety. They have been marked with orange paint or tape. They will be cut down by specialized contractors. Please see the map below to identify the trees that will be cut down in La Pêche in the next few days (the small blue squares mark the locations where the trees will be cut down). Trees may be on municipal property or on private property. Private property owners have been informed of the felling activities by Hydro Quebec.


  • Only personnel duly authorized by Hydro Quebec may carry out felling work near the network.
  • Citizens should never attempt to prune or cut down a tree near the wires themselves.

Residues and sections of trunks will be left on site since they have a monetary value. It is therefore up to the property owner to dispose of them.

For more information on how Hydro Quebec deals with vegetation near the wires and manages tree and branch residues, please visit their website at www.hydroquebec.com/degagement.