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The Municipality of La Pêche reorganizes to address growth challenges
April 7, 2021

In its regular session on April 6, La Pêche Municipal Council adopted a resolution to change the organizational structure of the Municipality of La Pêche. The move comes on the heels of the tabling of the “Municipality of La Pêche Organization Plan, April 2021” and is a logical next step in the strategic planning exercise carried out by elected officials and the municipal administration in 2018. The goal is to improve the efficiency and capacity of municipal departments as part of implementing the 2019–2023 Strategic Plan.

What’s new and different

  • Two new divisions were created: Sustainable Development and the Clerk’s Office, Legal Affairs, and CAO
  • Two new departments were created within the Sustainable Development division: Economic Development and Capital Assets, Parks, and Green Spaces
  • The Finance Department is now the Finance and Procurement Division
  • Different positions were created, eliminated, or renamed to ensure synergy between departments

Municipal departments will be more specialized under the new structure. Management autonomy and accountability will also be key to transforming the organizational culture.

With the full support of Council, the municipal team is eager to tackle the job ahead.


The Municipality of La Pêche has had to adapt to a rapidly changing environment in recent years. Audits and assessments have revealed certain shortcomings and raised a number of fundamental questions: Can the organization as it currently exists give life to the vision that emerged from the planning exercise? Is the municipality equipped to achieve the goals it has set? Is it following best practices?

Discussions with Council helped the municipality identify potential solutions and ultimately adopt the new organizational structure.

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