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Spring monitoring
April 1st, 2021

The Municipality of La Pêche wishes to reassure residents that it is keeping watch on various issues that can arise due to spring thaw and precipitation.

According to public safety officials, there is currently no particular risk of flooding given annual averages for this time of year. Nevertheless, just like in any other year, we are monitoring all points susceptible to overflow along our rivers and municipal drainage system.

The Public Works Department inspection program has identified a number of culverts that need to be replaced, many with larger culverts to accommodate field observations and climate change. Over thirty culverts will thus be replaced throughout the area in 2021. Maintenance and ditch digging has also been scheduled (see the list of road works scheduled for 2021).

Residents are asked to notify the Municipality if they encounter any issues so that staff can analyze the situation and intervene as necessary. There are two ways to contact the Municipality, depending on how urgent the situation is:

  • If you notice something outside office hours that could jeopardize your safety or the safety of others, please call 911. The Public Works Department has a 24/7 communications system with 911 emergency service to take over in such situations. During office hours, call reception at the municipal office (819-456-2161). Here are some examples of emergencies when you should call 911:
    - Road damaged by heavy rain, sinkhole, or major erosion
    - A tree fallen across the road
    - Dead deer on the road that is interfering with traffic
    - Ice on the road
  • For all non-emergency situations, please call 819-456-2161, ext. 2221 (during office hours only), send a request through the Voilà! Citizen Portal, or email guichet.unique@villelapeche.qc.ca.