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Survey for the future central park in Sainte-Cécile de Masham
January 7, 2021

With a view to establishing an overall development plan for parks and playgrounds, the Municipality would like to submit for public input and comments a preliminary design proposal for a future central park.

The purpose of the new park is to provide the municipality with high quality sports and recreational facilities and equipment that will meet the needs of the community over the next decade. The final plan will be presented to the public in early 2021.

The future park will be located along Chemin Raphaël and Chemin Passe-Partout in Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham, and will also be accessible from Route Principale. It will provide a link to the primary and secondary schools, the new library, and the sports complex (Desjardins Hall and the arena). This future park will cover an area of approximately 6.5 ha (16 acres) and will consist of various zones designed for multiple public uses (a sports zone, a quiet zone, an area to get together and socialize).

The park will occupy a strategic and central location at the level of the municipality as a whole, providing a venue for collective bonding amid the network of municipal parks and green spaces.

The plan reflects the following fundamental elements and general objectives: 

  • Enhancement of existing natural features
  • Connecting bike paths and pedestrian walkways, especially for student groups
  • Access for persons with reduced mobility
  • Multipurpose areas for festivities, fairs, outdoor shows, and other events
  • All seasons multigenerational activities
  • Recreational and multisports areas for basketball, volleyball, tennis, pickleball, soccer, baseball, skateboard area and pump track, small ice rink, and more
  • Play structures for kids age 0-5 and 5-12
  • Free play lawn area and picnic area with tables and BBQ
  • Park pavilion with public washrooms and water and electricity supply points
  • Sheltered and shade areas
  • Rest and relaxation areas equipped with urban furniture and WiFi access point
  • Pedestrian and bicycle paths, including a 700 m promenade
  • Expanded parking area

Location of the future central park

Click here to see the advanced layout. Please note that the model is subject to change based on survey results.