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La Pêche takes steps to ensure the safety of Alcove residents
July 31, 2020

La Pêche, July 31, 2020 – The Municipality of La Pêche, in cooperation with the Collines-de-l’Outaouais MRC Police Department, has introduced a series of measures to ensure the safety of people who live on Chemin River in Alcove. The goal is to clamp down on the illegal parking seen in recent weeks that has led to congestion on the public road along Rivière Gatineau, prompting two serious safety concerns: emergency services (fire, police, ambulance) cannot get through and certain residents cannot get to their properties.

The measures are the result of consultations held over the past several weeks with local residents, La Pêche elected officials, and the MRC police. In short, the new safety measures are:

  • New speed bumps along Chemin River, at the Route 105 exit, and near the intersection with Chemin des Érables, to cause drivers to slow down.
  • No parking anywhere along Chemin River, with violators towed at their own expense. Only local traffic will be allowed.
  • Officials will be present to manage traffic and ensure compliance.

In addition, the Municipality urges everyone to be cautious on the river and on all bodies of water, to comply with municipal regulations, and to observe physical distancing during the pandemic. We would also like to remind residents that all unsupervised activities on the water in the Municipality of La Pêche are at your own risk.

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