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April 28, 2020

Is the municipal office open to the public?

The municipal office is closed to the public.However, you can drop off documents in the box set up for this purpose in the office entranceway between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday (e.g., responses to calls for tenders, permit applications, etc.).There is also a mailbox outside. Finally, the reception desk by phone (819 456-2161) or by email (reception@villelapeche.qc.ca) are available and are the best ways for communicating with us.

What municipal services are still operating?

All municipal services are still operating.Most municipal employees are working remotely.Don’t hesitate to contact the reception desk at the phone number or email address above so that your inquiry can be properly directed.

Are other municipal facilities closed?

Yes. In addition to the municipal office, the following facilities are closed to the public until further notice:

  • La Pêche Sports Complex (arena)
  • Community centres
  • Libraries
  • Municipal parks
  • Wakefield covered bridge(on weekends, from 4 p.m. on fridays)
  • Wakefield sector parking lots
    - Fairbairn House parking lot
    - Parking lot near the public washrooms
    - The Centre Wakefield La Pêche parking lot is closed from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. from Monday to Friday, and all the time on weekends.

Is waste, recycling, and HHW collection affected by the COVID-19 situation?

No, recycling and waste collection is not affected.Pickup continues according to the 2020 collection calendar.

What about tax payments?***

The next tax instalment due dates for 2020 are June 16 and September 16.However, at a special meeting held on March 20, Municipal Council decided to ease the tax burden for taxpayers by reducing the interest rate on amounts owing from 14% to 0% for the period of March 16 to May 16, 2020. In practical terms, this means that no interest will accrue during this period on sums due. At its regular meeting on Monday, May 7, Council extended this grace period until July 16, 2020.

We encourage you to use the electronic payment options available from your financial institution and to register on our Voilà! platform.

Will the Municipality make fill available to residents this year?

Yes, fill will be made available once excavation work starts, subject to a site inspection at the location where fill is requested. A permit is also required.

Is open burning permitted at this time?

On April 23, 2020, Ministèredes Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs, in collaboration with Société de protection des forêts contre le feu (SOPFEU), issued a ban on open fires for a number of regions in Québec, including the Outaouais region. The ban is intended to maintain the operational capacity of SOPFEU and municipal fire departments during the pandemic.At present, the Municipality only allows burning in outdoor fireplaces with spark screens.

Will the Municipality offer a day camp this summer?

The Municipality is closely monitoring the evolving COVID-19 situation and following government instructions.As soon as we obtain clear guidelines from the government and public health officials, we will, the guidelines permitting, assess the possibility of offering a day camp that complies with hygiene and public health requirements and measures.We will make information available as soon as we can on the various municipal platforms.

Can we expect things to get back to normal in La Pêche for summer events and festivals?

In an April 10 press release, the government asked that all indoor and outdoor festivals and public cultural events in the province be cancelled through August 31, 2020.

The directive was issued in light of the evolving COVID-19 situation and the need to maintain social distancing of two metres for an extended period. It was deemed preferable to cancel indoor and outdoor festivals and cultural events during the summer in order to protect public health.

To offset the impact of the pandemic, the Québec government is examining various ways to assist and support the festivals and events it helps fund through its departments and programs.

Now that residential construction has been authorized anew by the provincial government, how can I apply and pay for a permit?

Permit applications can be sent by email to the reception desk (reception@villelapeche.qc.ca), which will forward them to the Urban Planning Department.You can also drop your application documents in the box set up for this purpose in the municipal office entranceway. You will not be able to meet an employee on site, but a telephone is provided in case you need to speak to the receptionist.

For payments, it is possible by credit card over the phone, via your financial institution with prior notice to us, and by cheque (mail or box at the entrance).

Should I allow extra time for the permit to be issued?

No, the normal waiting period still applies.Once you submit your complete application (with all required documents), the inspector has 30 days to review it and issue the permit.

What kind of construction work is authorized by the Québec government, including work allowed since April 21, 2020?

See the FAQ page created by the Québec government: Questions and answers pertaining to employers and workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and the order 2020-025 of the Minister of Health and Social Services dated 19 April 2020 .

Knowing that lockdown measures will be eased gradually, can I apply for a short-term rental permit for the summer despite the social distancing measures still in place?

On March 28, 2020, tourism minister Caroline Proulx announced that the Québec government was ordering the closure of tourist accommodations until further notice . The only exceptions to this rule are facilities designated as essential services for clients in need as per public health guidelines.

All other types of accommodation, including rental cottages and second homes, bed & breakfasts, and inns, were ordered to remain closed or to close as quickly as possible.

You can still apply for a certificate of occupancy for short-term rental for a “tourist home” from the Municipality, and for registration of a tourist accommodation establishment with Corporation de l’industrie touristique du Québec (CITQ).

Applications submitted will enable the Municipality and CITQ to determine whether the application is admissible, based on the criteria.

For more information, visit the following websites:

Can I visit Gatineau Park?****

The National Capital Commission (NCC) recently announced the reopening of Gatineau Park to local residents who can walk or bike to the park, starting Saturday, May 9. See the NCC's press release.
The Municipality has also closed Prairie and Schnobb roads where they intersect with the parkway to prevent them from being used as access roads and to discourage visitors from parking on residential streets.

Can I still go the Wakefield spring to get water? If so, is it safe?

The Wakefield spring is still accessible. You can get wateras long as you respect social distancing measures by staying two metres away from anyone else who is there.For example, you can wait in your car until nobody else is at the spring.Filling up at the spring is safe because there is no direct contact between the mouth of the spring and the containers being filled.

I submitted an application to the Green Fund during the first round of applications. Is the project selection process affected by the current situation?

The selection committee is meeting by conference call to review applications received in response to the first call for projects, using the project study methodology initially planned.The objective is to be able to present the committee’s recommendations to Council around May in order to obtain a resolution (see below for the path of a project).

In light of the lockdown, am I allowed to keep hens to provide fresh eggs and limit my outings?

For now, hens are only authorized on farms in agricultural zones.However, the Municipality is currently working on the issue to find a solution that better meets the needs of the population.An update will be provided once Municipal Council has reached a decision.

Are there any cases of COVID-19 in the municipality? If so, how many?

CISSSO issues a daily update on the situation in the Outaouais region.Cases are listed by health region and by municipality.You can click on the link below for statistics; La Pêche is part of MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais, which is made up of seven municipalities:https://cisss-outaouais.gouv.qc.ca/language/en/18907-2/

For more information on the COVID-19 situation:

****Update: May 13