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COVID-19 : The Municipality steps up its efforts
March 24, 2020

La Pêche, March 24, 2020 — The Municipality of La Pêche cares about the well-being of its residents and wants to take every measure possible to help them in these difficult times. It therefore plans to initiate efforts to make additional information and services available to residents:

  • The Municipality will maintain ongoing communication with organizations and businesses within its borders, including food aid organizations, senior and family service organizations, pharmacies, and grocery stores, to monitor the situation and pass on useful information.
  • The Municipality will make information on services offered by grocery stores, pharmacies, or other businesses available on its website. It may also offer information on other topics, depending on their importance and relevance, or gather suggestions. The Municipality is your local government and wants to offer you all the help it can.
  • The Municipality also intends to take steps to ensure that its seniors, who are the most vulnerable, have access to the services they need, particularly food services. To that end, it will support the work of local food banks and Le Grenier des Collines, which serves the RCM’s municipalities.

Lastly, the Municipality would like to remind everyone of the need to follow the basic rules for reducing the risk of spread of COVID-19 (Government of Québec: COVID-19 general information kit, in French only).

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Executive Management
Municipality of La Pêche