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Municipality takes over management of La Pêche Sports Complex
August 6, 2019

La Pêche, August 6, 2019. The Municipality of La Pêche would like to inform residents, community members, and everyone who uses or does business with the La Pêche Sports Complex that beginning September 1, 2019, the complex will be fully managed by the Municipality. The month of August will be a transition period in which responsibilities will be transferred from the current manager, Coopérative de solidarité en loisirs de La Pêche, to the Municipality. The Municipality and the cooperative are working together to ensure the complex’s current and future operations carry on as usual. The Municipality would like to thank the cooperative and the arena management team for all they have accomplished since the facility was established.

During the transition period visitors are encouraged to continue reaching out to the current staff at the arena. We will provide an update closer to September on the next steps.

A municipal employee, public works director Rémi Gauvreau, will take the helm of the Sports Complex. Public works coordinator Chouaib Guelmami will step in as interim director of the department.

It was necessary to bring the Sports Complex under municipal management to ensure its viability, revamp its offerings, and improve its performance, all of which are important for the quality of life of our residents—especially the many athletic organizations that use the arena.

Thank you in advance for your patience during the transition.

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Office of the Director General
Municipality of La Pêche