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A perfect time to check your smoke alarms!
March 9, 2019

The Municipality Fire Department encourages you to take advantage of the time change on Sunday, March 10, for checking your smoke alarm and, if needed, changing the battery. Remember that a smoke alarm that works at all times can save lives.

To check your smoke alarm, simply hold down the test button for a few seconds to trigger the alarm sound. An alarm in good working order emits a sound immediately after the test button is pressed. Also test its ability to detect smoke by putting on, for example, a candle near the alarm. If your device is connected to a central monitoring station, check with the company to see if they received the signal.

Here are important things to remember:

• If your alarm beeps intermittently, it means the battery is too low and needs to be changed. Never use a rechargeable battery.

• If the alarm is damaged or dusty or does not emit a signal after the battery is replaced, get a new one. Smoke alarm lifetime is about 10 years and is indicated on the case. If nothing is specified, don’t take the risk: replace it and throw the old one directly into your green bin (it is neither recyclable nor considered a household hazardous waste (HHW)). But before doing so, be careful to remove the battery which is an HHW.