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Condolences to the family of the victim of Farrellton accident
November 8, 2018

Following the accident at the quarry located in Farrellton last Thursday, the municipal council and the entire staff of the Municipality of La Pêche offer their sincere condolences to the bereaved family of Mr. Dompierre, as well as those who were close to him, especially his colleagues.

The tragedy that occurred within the territory of La Pêche leaves everyone in shock and affects everyone of us. This is now part of our history.

It is a relief to know that the body of Mr. Dompierre can finally be given to his loved ones so that they can offer him a funeral and finally begin their mourning.

With Mayor Guillaume Lamoureux on the move, the deputy mayor, Mr. Richard Gervais, was out on the site to offer his condolences and support. The Fire Department was also supporting operations.

The entire council and the municipal team reiterate, once again, his sincere sympathies to the family of the victim.

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