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Cannabis Legalization
October 17, 2018

Cannabis use is now legal in Canada under certain conditions. To date, the provincial law applies within the boundaries of the Municipality, pending the adoption of a by-law by the municipal council.

In general, it is prohibited from smoking cannabis in all places where smoking tobacco is already prohibited. The provincial law also adds:
• within a nine-metre radius from any door of a building accessible to the public;
• in health institutions and palliative care hospices;
• in places where sports, recreational activities and community activities are held;
• in common areas of residential buildings and private seniors’ residences;
• in restaurants, terraces and bars, in general;
• in bus shelters and outdoor areas used to wait for shared transportation and on lanes specifically built for bicycle traffic.

For more information about the cannabis legalization (and a detailed list of the restrictions on smoking cannabis), consult the legislation of cannabis in brief on the Government of Quebec website.