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Closure of a section of Chemin de la Beurrerie
September 28, 2018

La Pêche, September 28, 2018. The Municipality of La Pêche wishes to inform the population that Chemin de la Beurrerie is closed to traffic between Nesbitt Road and 115, chemin de la Beurrerie, for about three weeks. There is a risk of collapse of the culvert located on this section. This is therefore a safety issue.

Detour Route
A detour route is presently set up. You are invited to refer to the temporary road signs.

For commercial rucks : chemin des Érables - Shouldice - Maclaren - Route 105
For passenger vehicules : the same itinerary as trucks, but ideally McCrank - Des Amoureux - Route principale

Be assured that the Municipality is taking all the necessary steps to resolve this emergency as quickly as possible to limit the inconvenience it may cause.

Regular updates will be published to keep you informed.

Meanwhile, the Municipality thanks you for your patience and understanding.