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September 13, 2018

La Pêche, September 13, 2018. The Municipality of La Pêche wishes to inform the public that Riverside Road will be closed to traffic between WakefieldValley Road and Rockhurst on Friday, September 14, 2018. A boat will be taken out of water, installed, and cleaned on the vacant lot of 707 Riverside Road before getting back to the water on Friday, October 5. The same section will be closed again to facilitate the operations of the heavy machinery.

The Municipality approved this special request after a long analysis of the owners’ demand. In doing so, it has ensured that any damage to the municipal infrastructure that may result from the boat's dislocation will be repaired, that all necessary precautions regarding the protection of environment will be taken, and above all, that the tranquility of the neighborhood will not be disturbed: residents and neighboring businesses have been notified and have given their consent.

The Municipality asks you to refer to the temporary road sign during those two days and thanks you for your understanding.