Regular meeting, March 6, 2023
March 6, 2023
The Municipal Council will hold a regular meeting on Monday, March 6, 2023 at 7:30 p.m. in the Desjardins Room of the Complexe Sportif La Pêche located at 20 Raphaël Road.

At the beginning of each council meeting, there is a question period of up to 20 minutes, but it may end if there are no more questions for council. A second question period of 15 minutes shall be scheduled at the mid-point of the meeting.

During a regular council meeting, questions may be asked on any subject of public interest (maximum of 2 interventions per subject) concerning the municipality.

Voici un sommaire de quelques points saillants du conseil municipal, le lundi 6 mars 2023 :

Awarding of Contract - Energy Efficient Solid Wood City Hall Construction Project

The construction project of a new City Hall has reached a new stage. Following the call for tenders published on November 4, 2022, the Municipality received four bids, the lowest of which was $11,379,754.56 from Ed Brunet & Associates Canada Inc. The contract has been awarded to them.

You will notice the beginning of the work at the corner of chemin de la Beurrerie and route Principale Ouest. Watch for the next edition of Info La Pêche for a complete article on this subject. The construction of the Town Hall will be energy efficient solid wood and will be certified by the PassiHaus standard.

Adoption of the 2023 Classification Plan and Retention Schedule and Document Management Project

The Municipality adopted, by its resolution 18-281 on June 4, 2018, a classification plan and a conservation schedule. Given that the latter require an update that will be oriented towards the reference models developed by the National Archives and specifically for the municipal sector, the Municipal Council authorizes Mr. Marco Déry, Director General and Clerk-Treasurer, as well as Ms. Sylvie Loubier, Clerk, Director of Legal Affairs and Assistant Director General, to sign the retention schedule, and any amendment relating to the addition of new documents or relating to documents intended to be kept permanently. It also authorizes them to submit this schedule or amendment to the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec for approval.

Furthermore, in 2019, the Municipality granted an initial mandate to the Centre régional des archives de l'Outaouais (CRAO) to carry out work consisting of the inventory, declassification and content verification of the documentary mass stored in the basement of the administrative office. Due to the pandemic period and mandatory containment, the completion of this work has been delayed.CRAO is willing to take over the file and presents an updated offer of services for the realization of a second mandate in order to continue the processing of the boxes from the old container and the new contents from the different services and departments. Municipal Council accepts CRAO's offer of $40,041.75 to complete the work on the municipal archives.

Crédit photo : Karine Poirier - rivière La Pêche

Microbiological treatment of aerated ponds, Wakefield sector

As provided for in the Public Works budget, the Municipality has awarded a contract to Sesana in the amount of $15,510.00 to continue the microbiological treatment and measurement of sludge in the Wakefield sector aerated lagoons.

Mandate for the development of a by-law for the inclusion of social, affordable and family housing

The lack of social, family and affordable housing has an impact on families, seniors, low-income individuals and businesses in our territory. The Municipality already uses a multitude of means at its disposal to contribute to the increase of the housing offer on its territory.

However, Council wishes to further expand its means of action and this is why the adoption of an appropriate bylaw to promote the improvement of the supply of social, affordable or family housing in residential construction projects becomes necessary. The Municipal Council of La Pêche therefore mandates the General Management to develop such a by-law as soon as possible.

Mandat à la direction générale pour l’élaboration d’une entente intermunicipale avec la Municipalité de Pontiac en matière de protection incendie

The municipalities of Pontiac and La Pêche wish to avail themselves of the provisions of the Municipal Code in order to enter into a service agreement in the field of fire protection.

Considering the needs expressed by the municipality of Pontiac and the opportunity of a collaboration between the two municipalities in this matter, the municipal council mandates the general management to prepare and develop an intermunicipal service agreement concerning the fire protection service with the municipality of Pontiac.

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