Regular meeting, November 7, 2022
November 7, 2022

Municipal Council in Brief

Adoption of the 2023 Budget for transport des Collines - Transcollines

Council approved the 2023 budget of the Régie intermunicipale de transport des Collines (Transcollines) as adopted by its Board of Directors on September 28, 2022. The Municipality of La Pêche's share of the budget for the year is $236,610.26.

Adoption of the by-law concerning the publication of municipal public notices (22-839)

The purpose of the by-law is to promote the efficient dissemination of information that is timely, complete, understandable to the citizen and appropriate to the circumstances. The method of publication of public notices will favour the publication of notices on the Municipality's Internet site. The Municipality is no longer required to publish public notices by posting or in a newspaper circulated in the territory.

By-law to enact fire safety standards (21-RM-05)

The purpose of the by-law is to enact, legislate and better regulate the rules and provisions for the protection of persons and property against fires of all kinds and environmental aspects. Council adopted by-law 21-RM-05 as drafted - To repeal and replace By-laws 16-RM-06, 18-RM005-1 and 13-640.

Notice of Motion - First Draft of a By-law Concerning Conditional Uses (106-2022)

To promote access to housing, Council gave a notice of motion to adopt by-law 106-2022 to establish a discretionary regulatory framework for the addition of a dwelling unit to a principal residence.

Notice of Motion - First Draft Amendment to Zoning By-Law 03-429 (429-004-2022)

Amendment 429-004-2022 introduces a new regulatory framework for the authorization of additional dwellings.

Projects approved under the Green Fund

The municipality received seven applications for financial support under the Green Fund and following the analysis of the Committee, five projects were selected. Council approved the following projects and authorized the issuance of the maximum financial contributions according to the following table:


Project title

Amount approved

Cohabitat Wakefield

Feasibility study for land acquisition


Biblioterre, coopérative de solidarité

Community garden hub


Fédération UPA – Outaouais

Programme ALUS-Outaouais


La Pêche Coalition for a Green New Deal / Transition écologique La Pêche

Éducation et action citoyenne sur les enjeux climatiques


Loisir Lac des Loups

Conversion du système de chauffage – centre communautaire




1 NB: The Loisirs Lac des Loups project could benefit from external funding through Hydro Quebec's Efficient Solutions Program and the Quebec government's Eco-Performance Energy Transition Program (MERN), in which case the Municipality would benefit from a partial or complete reimbursement of the amounts advanced.

For a description of the projects, please consult: http://villelapeche.qc.ca/en/municipality/green-fund/

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