Regular meeting, May 3, 2021
May 3rd, 2021

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    New Head of Urban Planning and Environment

    Municipal Council has hired Louis Mongrain as Head of the Urban Planning and Environment Department. Mr. Mongrain will be part of the Sustainable Development Division, which was created during the recent reorganization to improve service capacity and efficiency as part of the 2019–2023 Strategic Plan. One of Mr. Mongrain’s responsibilities will be to carry out Commission municipale du Québec’s 2019 performance audit recommendations on permit and certificate management. The entire Council would like to welcome him to the Municipality of La Pêche!

    Local roads assistance program, Support component, drainage work for the Gauvreau-Labelle development

    As a result of climate change, increased precipitation and rapid thaws are generating increasingly unmanageable volumes of surface water, especially in the Gauvreau-Labelle development. Studies have been conducted to identify the issues and propose solutions. The Municipality is working hard to ensure this work qualifies for grant programs that support projects associated with climate change. As such, with this resolution Municipal Council approves the grant submission for eligible drainage work for the Gauvreau-Labelle development.

    Monette Park renovation in Duclos

    In September 2019, the Municipality held a public consultation with Duclos residents to identify their needs regarding the Monette Park renovation. A number of steps have been taken since then in response to the community’s requests. With this resolution, Municipal Council awards the contract to build a community pavilion to replace the community centre that was removed. This will support the growing community in the neighbourhood.

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