Regular meeting, February 1, 2021
February 1st, 2021

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2021 Municipal Infrastructure Projects

Municipal Council has approved a list of maintenance and improvement projects to be carried out on municipal roads and other infrastructure in 2021. These projects will be carried out based on available monies and priorities established on the basis of:
1. Public safety issues
2. Road drainage
3. Grading set out in the 2009–2014 contingency plan by the outside firm
4. Work required as a result of the 2017 and 2019 floods
5. Short- and medium-term development projects

The list of road works is available on the Municipality’s website, under Municipal Services – Public Works – Road work. Note: Municipal Council can change the work plan depending on circumstances, emergencies, other considerations or opportunities.

Grants to community organizations
In the approved 2021 budget, the Municipality budgeted $141,500 for financial support to community organizations and $13,250 for sponsorship requests. Approval of this resolution will thus provide access to funding for a number of items.
- 2021 Financial support
- 2021 Sponsorship

Application from Le Mashado for a new skate park
La Maison des jeunes Le Mashado intends to submit a grant application to Secrétariat à la Jeunesse under the youth infrastructure financial assistance program for the creation of a skate park. If Le Mashado obtains a grant, 80% of the project’s costs could be covered by the program. A project like this will meet a need for youth and promote the development of healthy lifestyle habits. The Maison des jeunes Le Mashado project aligns perfectly with The Municipality’s 2019–2023 Strategic Plan’s guiding principles #2 “citizen quality of life and community well-being” and #4 “partnership.” The creation of a skate park in the central park is in response to taxpayer requests as expressed at an information-gathering exercise for the park master plan. This project fits perfectly with this plan.

Municipal Council therefore supports Le Mashado and its grant application for a new skate park. Council also authorizes that sufficient land be made available for ten years in the central park in the developed portion of Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham for construction of the new skate park. The Municipality also commits to maintaining the skate park at its expense once it is complete.

Dog tag fees

Municipal Council is amending Fee By-law 15-683, Section E, to add a fee of $40 for new dog tags and an annual renewal fee of $35/tag. This increase is due to planned service improvements. In addition, as of this year all tags sold will be electronic, with a bar code providing complete information about the animal.

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