Public Notifications

PUBLIC NOTICE – Closure of a section of the sidewalk on chemin Riverside (Wakefield)
November 16, 2022

The Municipality of La Pêche wishes to inform the public that a section of the pedestrian sidewalk on chemin Riverside (opposite #794 chemin Riverside) will be closed for analysis and stabilization work in the rock face.

An inspection conducted on November 2nd by a firm specialized in geology found that the site presents a risk of boulder detachment. Fractures and the presence of soil and roots in the fractures combined with the effect of water pressure and freezing/thawing can cause the boulders to detach. Concrete guardrails are in place as a barrier to close this section of the sidewalk for the safety and protection of pedestrians and road users. Pedestrians are asked to use the sidewalk on the other side of the street. Signage will be installed soon to direct pedestrians. A more detailed analysis is underway to plan the stabilization work on the rock wall.

For information: Shelley Crabtree, Communications Officers.crabtree@villelapeche.qc.ca